Jeet Killer

BSC Demon is here to kill all the jeets while giving generous BNB rewards (8% rewards on every buy & sell) to his true believers.


Tax: 10% Buy | 15% Sell
Max Wallet & Txn: 2%
(1B Total Supply)

Buy Tax 10

8 % BNB rewards

2 Marketing

Sell tax 15

8 % BNB rewards

5 % marketing

2 % Liquidity

Cutting-edge tokenomics:

Our team has crafted a unique and dynamic token economy designed to reward holders and incentivize long-term commitment.

Thriving community:

Engage with a vibrant and passionate community of like-minded individuals who share your love for blockchain, dinosaurs, and the world of crypto.

Transparency and security:

Our project is built on the pillars of transparency and security, ensuring your assets remain safe and your trust is well-placed.

Why Join Jeet Killer?